The 165 wheat-free recipes in the Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight! Cookbook can help make the pounds vanish—while keeping you full and satisfied.

You’ll learn how to assemble your Wheat Belly kitchen by purging the foods that sneak wheat into their ingredients. You’ll also discover the 10 best wheat flour substitutes and when to use each one. And to make it super-easy to stock your pantry, we’ve already prepared your Wheat Belly shopping list!

With the Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight! Cookbook, you’ll enjoy fast, easy meals the whole family will love.

Take a look:

No-Macaroni ’N Cheese transforms the chemical-
and wheat-laden boxed stuff into a healthy dish. It has the great creamy, cheesy taste the whole family will gobble up.

Green Bean Casserole is great as a side dish or eaten as leftovers. Enjoy this classic recipe topped with Wheat Belly Onion Rings!

Breakfast Egg Biscuits taste even better than the fast-food kind.

Tortillas — yes, minus the wheat! — are great for quesadillas, wraps, and burritos.

Kid-approved flavors have been test kitchen-tested
to be safe and delicious. The word from testers:

What if you have a favorite recipe that you want to enjoy? The Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight! Cookbook has you covered. It provides the simple swaps to make almost any recipe wheat-free.

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Reuben: There are more than a dozen sandwich recipes, including this flavor-packed Reuben.Pancakes: Enjoy Wheat-Free Pancakes without the sluggish feeling you get from a stack of standard flapjacks.
Chocolate Chip Cookies: These cookies are rich, moist, and packed with that just-baked taste you can’t get from packaged cookies.Pizza: Wheat-Free Pizza with your favorite toppings is savory, filling, and healthy!
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